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What you will find

Survival Thai for beginners

Good for beginners who want to learn some words and expressions that can help getting around.

Read & Write Thai Script

Learn to read and write the Thai script step by step with audio and exercise at no cost.

Learn Thai from Stories

Expand your vocabulary and improve your Thai with fun, interesting, and comprehensible input.

Practice Speaking in an online session

After loading a lot of input, it’s time to practice speaking with a real person

Read about Thai Language & Culture

Explore more about Thai language and culture from our articles

Who is Palm Samran

สวัสดีค่ะ (sawàtdii khâ)

Hi, I’m Palm Samran, a Thai language coach. I have been teaching Thai since 2015 and eventually realized that the best way to learn Thai is ‘anyway that is interesting and enjoyable’ for the learners.

Therefore, I have been creating and providing such kind of learning resources and also launched Palmsamran website in 2019 to help people to learn and improve their Thai language

More About Me

What people say

palm samran students

I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’ve been studying with Palm for a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Palm is an amazing teacher, she is extremely kind, patient, reliable, and hard working. The materials she provides, along with the conversations we have provide me exactly what I need. Her English skills are also excellent which makes things easier for me. If you are looking to learn Thai, then I would strongly recommend Palm.

~ Tony Kindschuh

Palm Samran student

Not only am I learning – I am also having a lot fun.

I recently changed Thai language tutors, and I could not be more happy with choosing Palm as my teacher. Learning Thai with her is efficient – I feel like I am making progress every lesson. Not only am I learning – I am also having a lot fun, which keeps me motivated. Palm uses professional teaching material, which makes it easier for the student to understand grammar rules, pronunciation etc. I highly recommend Palm as a Thai language tutor, but please don’t use up all her free time 🙂

~ Sampsa Vainio

palm samran students

Our lessons are fun and natural.

It took me a long time to find a Thai teacher that fits my needs and I am very happy that I finally found Palm. She is patient with me, even when I have a bad day and don’t feel so motivated. She keeps track of the progress, is open to suggestions and she customizes the lessons to fit my objectives. On top of that she is able to explain everything in terms that I can understand and use what I learn during the lessons in my daily life. My goal was to use my vocabulary and get more confident in speaking Thai and Palm definitely helps me to get there. She is the best Thai teacher I have ever had.

~ Larissa Manon

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