About me

“ I’m here to make sure you have a fun and enjoyable experience learning the Thai language. ”

สวัสดีค่ะ (sàwàtdii khâ) Hi, I’m Palm Samran. I am a Thai language teacher but I like referring myself as a Thai language coach because I think มันเท่ดี (man thêe dii) it’s cool!

I’ve been teaching Thai since 2015 and my picture here was taken around 4 years later. I mentioned this so you won’t be surprised when you see me aging in real life.

My first year of teaching (2013), I offered face-to-face lesson to my students as a part-time job. I taught them at their houses or places like coffee shop, food court, etc. I had little experience teaching Thai back then. Some of my students didn’t enjoy my class and called me not to come back after only few weeks together.

From that point, I promised to myself that I will be a better teacher for my students. I took a master degree in Bilingual Education for 2 years in order to gain more knowledge about how people acquire a new language and their learning behaviors. During my study, I still kept on teaching. I taught in one of the language schools in Bangkok and also started to offer an online class. This is when I became a full-time teacher.

Since then, I have done nothing else but teaching my language to foreigners. I keep improving myself as a Thai language teacher, always. I have enrolled in several courses and training such as teaching Thai to foreigners, teaching reading and writing Thai to foreigners, etc.

The best way to learn Thai

Throughout the years that I have been working with many different learners, I found that there is no best universal method to learn Thai efficiently for everyone. Every learner is different. They acquire the Thai language differently at different paces.

But there is one important thing that I have learned from my experience . I realized that once the learner finds the way that is interesting and enjoyable for them, their learning progress becomes very impressive.

Therefore, I have put all my efforts into creating and providing interesting and fun lessons and resources in learning to Thai language learners. I have fun and enjoy doing it myself and I hope you will find these learning resources enjoyable for you.

Thai language learners who become my friends