Review Story of Palm Part 1 Childhood

Story of Palm

The Story of Palm Part 1 Childhood has two editions; the transliteration version and the Thai script version. The transliteration version aims to provide a fun learning material for the learners who are learning to speak Thai, and are not yet familiar with the Thai script. The Thai script version aims to help the learners to practice both listening and reading with a fun content.

There are ten chapters telling the story from the day Palm was born until she was ten years old. Every story line is written in a natural spoken way, not in a formal written language, since the main purpose of this book is to help the learners to learn spoken Thai from listening and reading.

Transliteration Version Sample Pages

This version consists of five parts as you can see details below.

Thai Script Version Sample Pages

This version consists of four parts because there is no Guidance to Transliteration and Pronunciation part.

Parts of the Book

Part 1: Guide to Transliteration and Pronunciation In this part, you find a guide to the transliteration format used in this book because none of the content is written in Thai script. You will also learn the essentials of the Thai sound system you need to know in order to have a proper pronunciation when speaking through the transliteration.

Part 2: The Story This is the main part of the book where you will see the ten chapters of the story, with graphics and story lines written in transliteration. There are audio tracks recorded by a Thai native speaker for you to listen to the story. This part aims to help you to acquire the Thai language through listening with fun.

Part 3: Translation, Glossary and Word Usage Here the English translations are written along with their illustrations and followed by glossary on the next page. After the glossary page, you will find the word usage section where there are explanation and examples for each word marked with a star.

Part 4: Activities This part contains activities aimed to help you to recall what you have learned from the story. This helps you to review and observe your progress after listening to the story. The activities provided are expected to help you with listening and speaking skills.

Part 5: Answers of the Activities You will find the answers to the activities in this section.

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