Reviews from Students


I cannot say enough good things about Palm.

She is a wonderful teacher who knows how to make the time online together very fulfilling and also very fun. Even though I am not the best student, she knows what to do to teach me Thai in a fun and enjoyable way. I cant imagine leaning with anyone else. She is the best. Khap Khun Krap!

Daniel Mazewski / USA - 2020

Palm is great!

Very patient and makes sure you are learning the right way.

David G. / Australia - 2020
student review

I could improve from beginner to intermediate level pretty fast.

I started my lessons with Palm two years ago when I was planning to come to Thailand. From the beginning, Palm understood my needs and my reasons to learn Thai, preparing well-structured lessons. She always provided me the materials needed for the lesson (she uses one of the best books for Thai learning), and this book combined with her explanations were the perfect mix since I could improve from beginner to intermediate level pretty fast and setting a good basis. She always made me speak a lot during the lessons, and this was really helpful for me, because when I arrived to Thailand the first time I was able to talk with local people. During the lessons we talk too about culture, Thai traditions and Thai society, and sometimes about Thai series and songs, learning more vocabularies through them.

Also, preparing my trip to Thailand the first time as well as living there, she has been for me the greatest support, helping me with different processes (Thai schools and universities enrolment processes or documents translations, among others).

Classes with Palm are very dynamic, you can have fun at the same time you are learning very useful things and using the language in a practical context, and she is always willing to help you. She has a high and strong commitment to her classes and her students.

After living in Thailand for 1 year already, and attending some Thai schools, I can tell you for sure you won’t find a better teacher. I have been taking private classes with Palm for 2 years, and I am still enjoying her lessons and teaching style, she is the best Thai teacher ever.

Clara De Miguel / Spain - 2020
student review

Not only am I learning – I am also having a lot fun.

I recently changed Thai language tutors, and I could not be more happy with choosing Palm as my teacher. Learning Thai with her is efficient – I feel like I am making progress every lesson. Not only am I learning – I am also having a lot fun, which keeps me motivated. Palm uses professional teaching material, which makes it easier for the student to understand grammar rules, pronunciation etc. I highly recommend Palm as a Thai language tutor, but please don’t use up all her free time 🙂
Sampsa Vainio / Finland - 2019
student review

I highly recommend Palm as a Thai teacher.

She build a specific course according to my needs which upgraded my knowledge in a very short time. She is an intelligent person, experienced and patient teacher . I had a lot of fun studying with her and I believe each one of you will benefit from her knowledge and teaching skills.

Shahar Shoha / Israel - 2019

Khruu Palm is an excellent teacher

Absolutely, without a doubt 5 stars! She is wonderful at adapting her course for the student’s unique needs. She is personable, patient, kind and infuses her teaching with cultural notes, humour and fun! Khruu Palm helps bring out the best pronunciation which is vital for speaking proper Thai. Her patience while I stumble through Thai tones has been wonderful, and I never feel ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’. Khruu Palm makes sure I am understanding what we are currently going over and was happy to help adapt some extra things for me when I asked. She has a great skill and passion for teaching Thai language and sharing her knowledge and love of Thai culture and Thai people with her students. After our first lesson, I immediately booked 20 hours with her and look forward to booking many more with her! Kop kun maak krap, khruu Palm!
David Ross / USA - 2019

I was surprised at the progress that can be done in only 1 hour time.

Into about 7 lessons with Palm on and off. I can’t say enough good things. Yes, it is scary trying to learn a new language from scratch, however Palm is as professional as I can imagine. She adapts the lessons and examples to your needs easily and her teaching material is straightforward and useful. You will definitely learn Thai if you keep with it. She is very adept at explaining the language, with a proper balance between getting you to produce the language and guiding you or reminding as needed. Highly recommend!! Grab open slots while you can as she seems quite popular.
Jay / USA - 2019
student review

Friendly and easy to continue.


Mizoroki Tadashi / Japan - 2019

There is no way to describe Palm as anything other than a fantastic teacher.

I am invariably terrified at the beginning of each lesson of sounding stupid/constantly making mistakes. Palm is just so kind, patient and encouraging, creating a teaching ‘space’ where mistakes don’t matter, in turn making it feel fine to just go for it. Finding good Thai language tuition on the web can be a bit hit-and-miss, and consequently there is a downside is that her lesson slots go very quickly (because she is so good)
Tim / England - 2019

I’ve been studying Thai with Palm for a several months now and she’s one of the best language tutors I’ve had. She gives great notes, homework and practicing conversation with her is always fun. I’d definitely recommend her as someone to build confidence in your speaking with.

Shalom / USA - 2019
Tutor palm has very organized well developed structur of teaching If you want to learn real Thai, go with Palm
Hany / USA - 2019
student review
She is able to tailor her lessons to each student’s needs. She is able to deliver her lessons in English which which makes it easily for me to learn. I look forward to our future lessons and learning more of the Thai language.
Bill Mathnopraseuth / Australia - 2018
student review

Excellent teacher

Palm is an excellent teacher and goes above and beyond to make sure her students are challenged but also feel comfortable learning. She does a great job of teaching you what you want to learn and helping to reinforce what you already know.

Michael Opoku / USA - 2018
student review

Palm is a great Thai teacher

I’ve only had a few courses with her, but so far it’s been great. I’ve been able to learn the reading/writing style of the Thai language as well as the differences in speech in formal situations vs. the colloquial equivalent. She’s dedicated to her craft and knows how to assess the Thai level of her students. I would highly recommend you book a class with her if you’re looking for a Thai coach.
Jalin / USA - 2018
student review

Fantastic Teacher

Very patient and communicates the objectives well. The lessons are structured and easy to follow. I am very happy and learn a lot.
Matthew R. / Australia - 2018

I was very impressed with her patience and her professional attitude.

I received 10 sessions from Palm over 6 weeks. Palm demonstrated very good teaching skills in her delivery of each session. Her detailed knowledge of the language structure is impressive and I have no hesitation in recommending her services as a Thai language tutor

Lindsay Wilkinson / Australia - 2018
student review

Palm is kind and gentle.

We asked Palm if she would teach our 12 year old daughter English. Our daughter likes her very much.  She has the requisite patience needed to be a great tutor.

Mark R. / USA - 2018
student review
Great pronunciation of English and easy to understand pronunciation in Thai.
Graham D. / USA - 2018

Palm is a highly qualified, patient and pleasant teacher.

I wanted to take basic Thai lessons before my trip to Thailand. She was willing to adjust her classes to meet my goals. The book she uses is excellent. I absolutely recommend her as a teacher.
David / USA - 2018

Excellent session

I am a beginner and Kru Palm was very patient and gave me very detailed explanations. She also gave me valuable tips on how to interact with local Thai people. Highly recommend
Eric / England - 2018
Palm is very friendly and understanding. She will tailor the course to your needs and give you all the support you need to get to your goal.
Long Nguyen / Vietnam - 2018

I love it!

“Palm is a very excellent teacher of Thai language, learning with her is a very enjoyable experience. She knows how to shape the mind and courage me to speak more. Her courses are well prepared with good lesson plans and objectives. She always tries to innovate and use different methods.”

Rencong Li (Nathan) / China 2017
student review

I am very happy to give her my highest recommendation.

“I have taken Thai lessons for speaking, reading, writing weekly for more than a year over Skype with Palm. I’m very pleased with the training. The lessons have been a mixed between speak/read and write making it always interesting. Palm has great patience, an effective way of explain the rules of the Thai language. My life is at time busy and Palm has always flexible and has always agreed to adjust the training to my needs. Even if I have much more to learn, I have today great use of my Thai language knowledge in my day to day life in Thailand.

Palm is charming and fun making the lessons a pleasure and something I do not want to miss on my weekly schedule. 

Svante White / Sweden - 2017
student review

amazing, highly-motivated and competent

“My name is Sébastien Lafrance. I am currently learning the Thai language with Aninchana Eiamsamran (Palm) since about a year. Palm is a great teacher. I can tell since I fluently master many languages and I rarely had so far such an amazing, highly-motivated and competent teacher as Palm. She is dedicated to teach Thai. I am sincerely convinced that she will do her very best for YOU to find the best ways for YOU to achieve YOUR objectives to learn it, as she does with me since a year. She is very creative and fun in the ways she teaches Thai. She is also at the same time very disciplined and organized. For example, she knows well the grammatical rules of her mother tongue, which she will make as easy as possible for you to learn them with fun.

In short, she gives her heart and her soul to her Thai classes that are available either on Skype or in person (in the Bangkok area in Thailand). Trying Palm’s Thai lessons is adopting it!”

Sébastien Lafrance / Canada - 2016
student review

Palm is friendly and personable.

“I have been learning Thai with Palm once a week for about two years. I started with Palm as an upper beginner student and now I have progressed to the advanced level. My experience with Palm has been all positive. In my opinion Palm has all the attributes of a good language teacher. She knows when to correct my errors and when to keep the conversation flowing. Palm is friendly and personable. It is important to like your teacher and enjoy their company. If you don’t enjoy spending time with your teacher, learning a language becomes quite tedious. She is smart! Palm’s intelligence gives her the ability to teach using a wide array of topics at all levels. Palm’s English ability is quite impressive. Whenever I am stuck on a word in Thai or whenever I need to explain what I’d like to say in English, Palm can always perfectly translate.

I intend to keep learning with Palm for as long as she wants to keep teaching me. I still have a way to go in my Thai journey and I am sticking with the teacher who helped me get to this level.”

Rob Gower / Australia - 2016
Student review

Palm’s classes are always interesting.

“I have been studying with Palm for over a year now. I enjoy and look forward to my classes with her. Palm’s classes are always interesting and are a combination of new subject areas and review of things learned in previous classes. We start each lesson with a basic greeting and conversation in Thai. Often Palm will ask me to keep a journal and try to describe my activities in Thai. This has helped me to learn the proper syntax of Thai conversation. I will often have to look up Thai words to express my thoughts and Palm always points out the difference between the dictionary definition of a word and the everyday use of the word or expression. This always results in new and useful vocabulary.

I think I am not an easy student to teach but Palm has been very patient but firm in making me search for the answers to her questions. Palm will not just give me the answer so she can move along.

Thank you Palm.”

Philip Rudnick / USA - 2016
student review

Her teaching method is very simple but easy to understand

“She is very patient teacher, her teaching method is very simple but easy to understand. In her class, in addition to spelling and pronunciation, you can also learn relevant everyday words, you can easily remember what you have learned.”

Chen Mingyao (Ruby) / China - 2016

Learning Thai with her has been a wonderful experience for me

“I’ve been taking classes twice with Kruu Palm. Although it’s only been a short lesson, it was worth every minute with every knowledge she’s conveyed to me. She would often communicate in Thai language with me and would ask me general questions at the end of the lessons. She would then correct my sentence (grammar or the sentence structure) if I said it wrongly. I’ve taken up reading and writing course. She would sent me a text and I would transliterate it and read it to her, she would then explain the meaning of each sentence to me. When I don’t understand something about the grammar and especially the sentence structure, she would patiently explain it to me. 

Sumithra Ng / Malaysia - 2016
student review

Well prepared and professional at all times

“I have been learning Thai from her for around two years on and off and have seen my progress develop from that of a complete novice to be able to understand basic Thai conversation and some written language. She has accommodated my learning style from day one and had shown nothing but patience and commitment to teach me. She has always matched my pace and focus and has always taken the time to ensure that I understand the topic at hand before progressing, never criticising but only encouraging. She has always been well prepared before class having clearly taken the time to write a lesson plan based upon the last lesson to insure there is progress.

I could not recommend her teaching style enough and believe that she will make a fantastic teacher being both well prepared and professional at all times.”

Kelsey Roger / England - 2016
student review

Learn Thai online with Palm was an amazing experience.

I am a fast learner but have a hard time retaining information, Palm made it very easy to learn and I remembered most of what she taught me. With 6-8 lessons I had enough information to communicate with locals in Thailand and highly recommend her as a teacher. “

Tess Halpern / USA - 2016