The rest of Thai vowels

Lesson 8

Now you have only the vowels with final sounds and the mixed vowels left in your vowel list. Let’s start with the former one.

Thai vowels with final sounds

ไ- ใ-

Practice reading

The reading direction is to read each column from left to right.

Here is more information about these vowels related to the tone rules. If you can read the above practice without any questions, just skip this part.
  • ำ เ-า ไ- and ใ- are short vowels but they fit in open syllable tone rules because of their m, w, and y ending sounds
  • Some words with these vowels are pronounced as long vowels such as น้ำ, ได้, ใต้. Those are exceptions. This is not what to memorize. You will learn them naturally from reading more and more.

Mixed vowels

There are 6 vowels in the table below. 3 are short and the other 3 are long vowels. You will come across the long vowels more frequently than the short ones.

เ ียะ เ ีย
เ ือะ เ ือ
ัวะ ัว

Among all, ัว is a changed vowel. Here is how it changes.

น + ัว = นัว

น + ัว + ด = นวด

Let’s practice reading

Here is more about the short mixed vowels just in case you are curious about it.
  • These vowels still exist but they are infrequent. It is because they are used to write words that express the speaking sounds and also words that are spoken language. You will see them more in comic books.

That’s all about the Thai vowels! You have learned to read every vowel in Thai. Let’s move to the next lesson.