The hidden -ะ (-a)

Lesson 12

You have seen the hidden -ะ (-a) after the leading consonant in our previous lesson. In this lesson, you will see words with the hidden -ะ (-a) in the middle of the word.

This happens with a compound word like ผลไม้. This word is a combination of the word ผล (phǒn) + ไม้ (máay) = ผลไม้ (phǒn-la-máay), which means fruit.

Let’s practice reading


However, when there is a rule, there is an exception. You will come across some words which are a compound word but we don’t pronounce a hidden -ะ (-a) between words. You will just need to know it.

For example,

สุภาพ + บุรุษ = สุภาพบุรุษ (gentlemen)

สุพรรณ + บุรี = สุพรรณบุรี (Suphan Buri province)

ชาติ + นิยม = ชาตินิยม (nationalism)

Don’t feel bad when you mispronounce hidden -ะ (-a) sometimes, especially when it’s a new word for you. It happens to Thai people as well when we see words that are not common. Once you know, you know.

I am very happy you come this far. Let’s move on to the last lesson and complete everything about reading Thai.