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Different uses of the word ləəy (เลย) in Thai Language

uses ləəy (เลย) in Thai language

This lesson will help you to learn how to use the word ləəy (เลย) which is one of the most spoken words you probably hear from Thai native speakers. Since this word has several functions and meanings, I have selected the most common ones. Table of Contents Using ləəy (เลย) to say not … at […]

Using the word RETURN in Thai Language

Return in Thai Language

This lesson talks about two different words in Thai language which are translated as the word RETURN in English. Although both words mean return, they are used in different context. These words are klàp (กลับ) and khɨɨn (คืน). klàp (กลับ) as the word RETURN in Thai language We will first look at the word klàp […]