Story of Palm – Part 1 Childhood – Thai Script (e-book)


A Story of Palm Part 1 Childhood is a Thai language learning book written in Thai script and the transcription aimed to make your reading practice easy and enjoyable especially for beginners. There is a free downloadable audio for you to practice listening along.


The Story of Palm Part 1 Childhood (2nd edition) contains both Thai script and transcription within the book.

This book is designed for learners from pure beginner to advanced. People who are at the beginner level will find there is a lot to do in this book, starting from learning the foundation of Thai pronunciation to being able to understand the story from listening, while intermediate to more advanced levels can enjoy and improve their listening skill from the story and activities provided.

The Story of Palm Part 1 Childhood is written based on real-life story of Palm Samran, the writer of this book. Ten chapters tell the story from the day Palm was born until she was ten years old. Every storyline is written in a naturally spoken way, not in a formal written language, so the learners do not find it too hard to enjoy reading a story in Thai.

The story of Palm consists of six parts. Each part of the book holds a different purpose.

Part 1 The Story & Glossary in Thai Script
Ten chapters of the story, with graphics and story lines written in Thai. This part is for a learner who wants to practice reading the Thai script. You can also listen to the audio to practice listening as well.

Part 2 The Story & Glossary in Transcription
Ten chapters of the story, with graphics and storylines written in transcription. This part is for a learner who cannot read the Thai script but wants to learn Thai through listening to the story from the available audio.

Part 3 English Translation
Ten chapters of the story lines translated into English. This is where you can check if you have a good understanding of the story.

Part 4 Word Usage
This part contains the explanation with examples for each word marked with (more).

Part 5 Activity and Answer key
There are two forms of the activity in each chapter.
1. Point at what you hear. – You play the audio tracks that come with the book. Listen to a sentence and point at the picture that best represents the sentence you hear.

2. What does it mean? – Listen to the audio tracks of each number and circle the correct meaning of the sentence you hear.

Both activities aimed to help you to recall what you have learned from the story. This helps you to review and observe your progress after your study.

Part 6 Appendices
Provides more comprehensive information for a word attached with (APPX.) mark, grammar explanation, and also a guide to use the transcription.

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Learn thai from story story of palm part 1
Story of Palm – Part 1 Childhood – Thai Script (e-book)