yàak (อยาก) and ʔaw (เอา) – Which one to use?

yàak (อยาก) and ʔaw (เอา)

In this article, you will see two of the most used words in Thai language but people are likely to use them incorrectly. These two words are yàak (อยาก)  and ʔaw (เอา). One means ‘want’ and another means ‘take’. This article not only showing you the difference between these two words, but also giving examples […]

The difference between kàw (เก่า) and kæ̀æ (แก่)


There are two common words that mean old in Thai language, including kàw (เก่า) and kæ̀æ (แก่). However, the meanings of both words are not exactly the same. This article is about the difference between kàw (เก่า) and kæ̀æ (แก่). kàw (เก่า) means old (in condition, status) or previous while kæ̀æ (แก่) means old age. […]

Purification Rituals in Thai Temples

thai temple

If you have experienced visiting Buddhist temples in Thailand, you probably have seen there are several different activities people do there. People do not go there just to pray, give offerings, or meditate, but also participate in a purification rituals or as in Thai called kaan-sadɔ̀-khrɔ́. Originally, the ancient Thai people had a belief in […]

Learn to Speak Thai through Transliteration


Why do I need to learn to speak Thai through alien symbols instead of learning from its original transcript? This is one of the popular questions from many of my students. In this article, you will see the advantages and disadvantages of learning to speak Thai through Transliteration systems. Later you can decide if it […]

Master Thai Pronunciation to Speak Like a Native

thai pronunciation

The more you sound as close as native speakers do, the more they are likely to understand you. This article is expected to help you MASTER THAI PRONUNCIATION in order to help you sound like a native speaker.  I have come across many people who know enough words and structures to talk, but the conversation was […]