Me as a Thai Language Coach

“A little progress of my student is a great achievement in my career.”


I started to work as a Thai language coach in 2015 and it has always given me joy and happiness that I chose this to be my career. I used to travel around visiting student’s places to help them learn my mother tongue and teach in a language school in Bangkok (TLS Bangkok). At the same time, I also provided the lessons online through different applications as well as via platforms like Preply, Verbling, and italki. 

In 2019, I decided to become a full-time online Thai language coach due to the fact that there are many people who do not live nearby seeking someone to help them learn and practice the language. 

From Monday to Friday, I spend my daytime working from home and spending time with my students is the best part of every working day. From time to time, my students on screen come out in real life and we spend time together.

me and students

Me and my Coaching Style

“I’m here to make sure that you have a fun and enjoyable experience learning Thai language through a well-organised procedure.”

While I am coaching you, I study you. This is to understand your learning behaviour in order to help you get over the obstacles that might prevent you from reaching your language goal. I am not here just to give you information about Thai language that you can read from anywhere, but to help you make real use of those information and knowledge that you have learnt. And not lying to you, sometimes, I can be tough, but it is all for your success. 

The procedure of the training is only 4 simple steps going in a loop:

  1. STUDY > Study new words and structures.
  2. PRACTICE > Practice using them during the lesson and in your own free time as an assigned mission.
  3. REVIEW > Review what you have learnt before the lesson ends, and also at the beginning of the next session.
  4. EVALUATE > Evaluate your progress, give you my comments, and decide what should we do for the next session.

Me and a little bit about my Personal Life

I was born during rainy season in 1989, Samut Prakan, Thailand.  Currently, there are 10 cats in my place but there is a high turnover here.  Therefore, we never get bored naming them.  That is also my mom’s and my favourite hobby. 

a dog

But this does not mean I am a cat person.  I love dogs too.  I used to have one poodle called Sasha and she loved eating egg noodles so much.  She passed several years ago.  Then we realised our place is too small to have a dog living comfortably.  That was when the first cat invaded. 

“Arts and Music has always been my favourite.”

I play guitar and sing in my free time.  Sometimes I try to have an acoustic gig in front of my cats but they do not seem to like my music.  Most of them walk away, only some who are in their deep sleep stay.  I draw whenever I am in the mood.  I like drawing top parts of creatures because I cannot draw arms and legs very well, so it looks better without them.

Finally, thank you for reading about me and I hope sometime in the future I will have a chance to know you.

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