Me & My Students

“I’m here to make sure that you will have a fun and enjoyable experience learning the Thai language.”

I have been coaching many Thai language learners through a variety of teaching methods for more than 8 years. My students are from all walks of life and at different ages. Throughout these years that I have been working with these learners, I found that there is no best universal method to learn Thai efficiently for everyone. Every learner is different. They acquire the Thai language differently at different pace.

But there is one thing that I realized is very important in learning Thai. It is the enjoyment during the learning time and process. Once the learner found the way that is interesting to them and they enjoy using that method in learning Thai, their learning progress becomes very impressive. Therefore, I have put all my efforts into creating and providing interesting and fun lessons and resources in learning Thai for anyone who loves to learn this language. I’m not just being a Thai language teacher for my students, but also a being a friend to them. I hope you will join our Thai language learning community and become a friend of mine. See you soon!

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